Copper-Alloy Toilet Implement (LIN-756E6A)

A decorated copper-alloy toilet implement found in Louth, Lincolnshire

This early medieval socketed anthropomorphic object possibly depicts the Norse god Odin, who wears a bird-headed helmet or headdress. This object belongs to a group of similar figurines, all with bird-headed helmets or headdresses, which have been found in England, Sweden, Gotland, Denmark, Russia, and Belgium. Evidence from cemeteries demonstrates this type of object is strongly associated with women, and is probably an import from Sweden dating to the later seventh century, demonstrating contacts with Scandinavia before the Viking Age. While the exact function of this object remains unclear, parallels suggest it is perhaps a toilet implement.

Object Type

Toilet article


circa 700

Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

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copper_alloy, Lincolnshire, Odin, Portable_Antiquities_Scheme, Scandinavian, Sweden, toilet_article, women

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Portable Antiquities Scheme

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