Dragon’s Head Mount (L.A67.1864.1.0)

A dragon's head mount found in Leicester, Leicestershire

This mount from Leicester is in the form of a dragon’s head and is thought to be Scandinavian work. The base of the head is extended, slotted and necked as though for a hinge. There are green stains suggesting that it was attached to an item of copper or bronze. Mounts were generally used to decorate various items such as belts or pouches. In this case, it may have been a fitting for a knife. Mounts were usually attached to items by hammering over the metal studs on the back of the mount.

Object Type



circa 800 — 1100

Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

Current Location

Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester


Anglo-Scandinavian, bone, Danelaw Saga, dragon_head, Jewry_Wall_Museum, Leicester, Leicestershire, mount, Scandinavian

Further information

You can see the original at Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester.

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