Early Medieval Pottery Fragments (2001-59)

Early medieval pottery from the Magistrates Court site, Derby

These are fragments of a Torksey ware rim, decorated Stamford ware rim, and a Stamford ware pot rim. Torksey ware was a type of pottery found in central England and dating to the period ad 850 to 1150. It was manufactured, initially by immigrant potters from Continental Europe, using a fast wheel at workshops around Torksey, Lincolnshire. While not having the same wide geographic distribution as Stamford ware, the popularity of Torksey ware in York was so high that it was initially thought that York was the original location of manufacture.

Stamford ware is one of the earliest forms of lead-glazed ceramics in England, being produced in Stamford, Lincolnshire, between the ninth and thirteenth centuries and widely traded across Britain and the near continent. Early Stamford glazes were lead glazes, suggested by some to be unique among early English glazes since they contain traces of silver but not tin. The glaze could be of a pale yellow, orange, pale green, or smoke blue colour and was applied by using a brush.

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circa 850 — 1150

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Viking Objects

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Derby Museum and Art Gallery


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