Inscribed Lead Plaque (LCNCC:1996.64.045)

An inscribed lead plaque found in Cumberworth, Lincolnshire

This lead plaque of uncertain function has a cross incised in its centre and a long Latin text in the Roman alphabet. Like the Saltfleetby spindle whorl, this inscription, too, calls on a divine power, in this case Christ. Between them the two inscriptions represent different responses to literacy and religion in the same time period in neighbouring but probably different communities. (Cumberworth is about 15 miles south of Saltfleetby, in an area with many Scandinavian place-names.) This fragmentary inscription begins with a cross and XPI, the sign for Christ, and after a gap in the text ends with ‘he who by the power of the cross redeemed the world from death, shattered hell or threw open heaven’. The object is dated to the late 10th or 11th century on the basis of the similarity of the writing to contemporary manuscripts.

Object Type



circa 900 — 1100

Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

Current Location

The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire


Danelaw Saga, inscription, lead, Lincolnshire, plaque, The_Collection

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You can see the original at The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

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The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire