Pendant with an Odin Motif (NLM-7F954A)

A pendant featuring Odin and his two ravens found in Winteringham, Lincolnshire

A cast silver, gilded pendant featuring an image which has been interpreted as representing the one-eyed god Odin and his two ravens Huginn and Muninn. There are a number of close parallels which establish the wide currency of this subject group. These include numerous examples from Russia and two from Sweden, including some with silver gilding. A silver pendant with a related, but distinct design is known from Sjælland, Denmark. With some exceptions, pendants were generally worn by women as part of their Scandinavian dress.

Object Type



circa 900 — 1000

Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

Current Location

North Lincolnshire Museum


gilded, Huginn, jewellery, Lincolnshire, Muninn, Odin, pendant, Portable_Antiquities_Scheme, ravens, silver, women

Further information

You can see the original at North Lincolnshire Museum.

This object is related to Winteringham, Lincolnshire.
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(c) North Lincolnshire Museum, CC BY-SA 4.0


Portable Antiquities Scheme

Michaela Helmbrecht, Wirkmächtige Kommunikationsmedien: Menschenbilder der Vendel-und Wikingerzeit und ihre Kontexte. Lund: Lund University (2001).