Reproduction Men’s Clothing Set

A set of reproduction men's clothing based on archaeological examples

The woollen tunic is in white broken diamond twill. Few Viking Age woollen tunics survive intact, but a number of large pieces of skirts and side gores, and arm-hole and sleeve pieces were found at Hedeby, in Denmark. This tunic is made from a composite of all these fragments.

The woollen trousers are dark blue/grey herringbone twill. These are based on the archaeological remains of the crotch of a pair of baggy trousers, found at Hedeby, in Denmark, which also appear on a number of Viking Age stone carvings across the Viking world, but particularly in Sweden.  

The woollen leg-bindingins are yellow herringbone twill, based on original fragments from Hedeby, in Denmark.

The vegetable-tanned leather belt, with a ring-and-dot decorated brass buckle, is based on an original found in a male grave (Grave 511), at Repton, Derbyshire.

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Made by Adam Parsons of Blueaxe Reproductions

(c) Adam Parsons of Blueaxe Reproductions