Ring-and-Dot Pin (NLM-7A2D15)

A copper-alloy ring-and-dot pin found near Keelby, Lincolnshire

Copper-alloy cast pin with a flat discoid head, no collar, and stamped decoration on the head, Flixborough type 601. The head bears three large [diameter 4.4mm] ring-and-dot motifs on each of its opposed faces. The tip of the shank is lost. The introduction of flat-headed pins with ring-and-dot decoration, superseding other types, is held by Dave Haldenby to mark the arrival of Viking settlers at Cottam, East Riding of Yorkshire. Suggested date: Early Medieval, 865-925.

The finder suggests this to be part of an assemblage amounting to c.5% of material recovered from an extensive site, the rest being removed illicitly without record. Archaeological opinion holds the site to have been of equivalent character to Flixborough, North Lincolnshire, in terms of its material culture. Coins are under-represented in the group.

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circa 865 — 925

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Viking Objects

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Anglo-Scandinavian, copper_alloy, Lincolnshire, pin, Portable_Antiquities_Scheme

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