The Hickling Hogback

A Viking Age grave cover at St Luke's Church, Hickling, Nottinghamshire

The Hickling hogback is a type of Anglo-Scandinavian grave cover in St Luke’s Church, Hickling, Nottinghamshire. It is the most southerly grave cover of this type in England. It appears to have been carved from the remains of a Roman column, hence the notch in the end of it. The stone features Scandinavian Jelling-style decoration indicating an expression of Scandinavian identity and muzzled bears on each end which are thought to be indicators of a pagan identity. However, the stone also features a large cross showing that the commissioners of the carving had a strong interest in expressing the Christian identity of the deceased. As such, this stone is designed to show that the person buried under it was a Christian Scandinavian.

Object Type



circa 900 — 1030


Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

Current Location

St Luke's Church, Hickling, Nottinghamshire


Anglo-Scandinavian, grave_cover, hogback, Nottinghamshire, stone

Further information

You can see the original at St Luke's Church, Hickling, Nottinghamshire.

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Photos by Roderick Dale


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