Old Norse Barkr/Bǫrkr/Barki (m.)

The Old Norse male personal name Barkr originated as a byname. The name is related to the Old Norse noun bǫrkr (genitive barkar) ‘bark’. One of the settlers of Iceland bore the form Bǫrkr and the name appears as an element in a few Western Scandinavian place-names. Bark is found as a byname in Sweden.

Barki is potentially a side-form of Barkr or could be from barki ‘throat’- also a byname.

Barkr is the first element in the place-name Barkby, Leicestershire and this place-name was later affixed to Barkby Thorpe, its daughter settlement.

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byname, male_name, personal-name

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This object is related to Barkby, Leicestershire.
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