South Croxton

South Croxton, Leicestershire

The first element of South Croxton, in the East Goscote Hundred of Leicestershire, likely comes from the Old Danish male personal name Krōk (Old Norse Krókr), originally a byname meaning ‘crooked-back’, or possibly ‘crooked-dealer’ related to Old Norse krókr ‘hook’. Alternatively the first element could be Old English crōc ‘a crook’, that is relating to a location situated in a nook or bend of land. The second element is Old English tun ‘an enclosure; a farmstead; a village; an estate’. The affix suð ‘south’ distinguishes South Croxton from Croxton Kerrial in the Framland Hundred.

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byname, hybrid name, Leicestershire, male_name, place-name

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Image © Mat Fascione, via Geograph, CC BY-SA 2.0

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