Drawing of a Hammer-Shaped Pendant

A hammer-shaped pendant (or Thor's hammer)

A drawing of a gold hammer-shaped pendant, popularly called a Thor’s hammer pendant, from Spilsby, Lincolnshire. These may have been worn to show devotion to the god Thor, or to secure the god’s protection, although there is little evidence to support this interpretation. Pendants like this have been found made of lead, copper alloy, silver and gold, showing that many different strata of society could have worn them.

Object Type



circa 850 — 950

Ascribed Culture



Viking Designs

Current Location

The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire


drawing, gold, jewellery, Lincolnshire, pendant, Portable_Antiquities_Scheme, Thor, Thor's_hammer, Viking

Further information

You can see the original at The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

This object is related to Spilsby, Lincolnshire.
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Drawn by Adam Parsons of Blueaxe Reproductions


Portable Antiquities Scheme