Frankish Coin Pendant (WMID-24C235)

A Franksih silver coin pendant found near Minting, Lincolnshire

The coin that this pendant is made from was produced in North West France around 70-60 BC and is attributed to the Suessiones tribe. Later on the coin was adapted for use as a pendant and decorated with gilding and stone inlays. The colour and style of inlay give this pendant an early medieval dating and it is known that sometimes Iron Age coins were reused as pendants in Frankish jewellery. It is possible that it made its way to England prior to Viking incursions but it is equally likely that the Vikings brought this pendant with them as plunder after raiding in Frankia.

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Viking Objects

Current Location

The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire


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Further information

You can see the original at The Collection, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.


(c) Portable Antiquities Scheme, CC BY-SA 4.0


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Brooches, Pendants and Pins: Scandinavian Dress Accessories in England.