Reproduction Women’s Clothing Set

A set of reproduction women's clothing based on archaeological examples

The woollen strap-overdress is brown broken-diamond twill. A complete example of this dress has never been found, but this reconstruction is based on a composite of known archaeological finds. The narrow straps are often found mineralised inside the brooches, the pleated front section is based on an archaeological find from Køstrup, in Denmark, and the asymmetrical back panels are based on an original find from Hedeby, in Denmark.

The underdress is of bleached linen, based largely on small traces of archaeological material from Birka, Sweden, Dura, Finland, and contemporary depictions.

The woollen cloak is of thick yellow diamond twill with fringed edge.

The vegetable-tanned leather toggled turnshoes are based on originals found during excavations at Coppergate, in York.

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Viking Objects

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Birka, Coppergate, Denmark, Hedeby, leather, linen, reproduction, Scandinavian, Sweden, turnshoes, women, wool, York

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Made by Adam Parsons of Blueaxe Reproductions

(c) Adam Parsons of Blueaxe Reproductions