Silver Wire Embroidery (1988/225-16)

Silver wire wool embroidery fragments from Heath Wood, Ingleby, Derbyshire

This silver wire was found in Mound 11 at Heath Wood, Ingleby, Derbyshire. This burial mound contained fragments of the remains of an adult human together with the cremated remains of animals, including a small dog, a horse and sheep. The burial was accompanied by this silver wire, an iron spade shoe, some small iron nails and some corroded metalwork.

The silver wire was found in two parts with traces of carbonised fibres attached. This suggests that it was probably attached to a piece of cloth. Silver and gold embroidery are known from a number of Viking Age graves, including from nearby Repton, Derbyshire, as well as further afield, e.g. Birka, Sweden. At Birka, wire embroidery was found on caps and headbands, although there is no reason to think that it was only used on headgear at all times.

Object Type

Clothing accessory


circa 873 — 1000

Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

Current Location

Derby Museum and Art Gallery


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