Suspension Loop (1985/225-1)

A copper alloy suspension loop for a sword belt found at Heath Wood, Ingelby

This suspension loop was found in Mound 1 at Heath Wood, Ingleby. it is a copper alloy suspension loop that was probably part of a sword belt. The loop is wide enough for a doubled strap to pass through, so it may have been used to suspend the scabbard from the belt. It has been suggested that this one was probably Anglo-Saxon in origin, because this style is not known from Scandinavia, but that did not stop a Viking acquiring it and being buried with it.

Object Type

Sword belt


circa 850 — 900


Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

Current Location

Derby Museum and Art Gallery


Anglo-Saxon, burial mound, copper_alloy, Derby_Museums, Derbyshire, Heath_Wood, Ingleby, Mound 1, sword fitting

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