Square Mammen Style Brooch ( LEIC-6AF276)

A copper-alloy Mammen style Brooch found near Linwood, Lincolnshire

This small brooch features a bird depicted in the Mammen style. This style of brooch appears to have been produced in the Danelaw but, generally, Mammen-style decoration is rare in Britain. This brooch from Linwood, Lincolnshire, is paralleled by examples from West Stow Heath, Suffolk, and Bergh Apton, Norfolk, but further examples from Cambridgeshire and East Anglia were found in 2015 and 2016. It is a type which has Carolingian-inspired shapes and Scandinavian decoration. Such brooches were an accessory for women who wore Scandinavian dress.

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Object Type



circa 950 — 1000


Ascribed Culture





Viking Objects

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Private Ownership


brooch, copper_alloy, Danelaw, jewellery, Lincolnshire, Mammen, Portable_Antiquities_Scheme, Scandinavian, Viking, women

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(c) Leicestershire County Council, CC BY-SA 4.0


Portable Antiquities Scheme

Brooches, Pendants and Pins: Scandinavian Dress Accessories in England.

Jane F. Kershaw, Viking Identities: Scandinavian jewellery in England. Oxford University Press (2013), pp. 20-25, 116-18.