Old Norse Áli/Alli (m.)

It is not possible to determine whether the names in Lincolnshire derive from Áli or Alli so all information for both names appears on this page.

Áli is a diminutive name and occurs in Old West Scandinavia but it is not really frequent although it occurs as the first element of Norwegian place-names. It also appears in a few Danish place-names, but is not found in documents except for the Latin form Anulo. 

Alli is a short form of a compound name in Alf- or Al-. It does not occur independently in Old West Scandinavian but is found in a few Norwegian place-names. There are several instances in Old Danish including Latin Allo and a number of runic examples in both Denmark and Sweden.

Áli or Alli is the first element of the place-names Aylesby, Althorpe, and Ailby in Lincolnshire.


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