Old Norse Bóthildr, -hilda (f.)

Bóthildr, -hildis a compound name with the first element being Bót- probably to be compared with Old Norse bót ‘remedy, improvement’. While some scholars believe this element is a loan from the continent or England,  it is certain that in Scandinavia it was interpreted as bót. The second element of the name is Old Norse -hildr ‘battle’,

Both forms of the name are fairly frequent in Norway after c 1300 and it is also found in place-names there. It was rare in Iceland but common in Denmark and also found in Sweden. Bóthildr, -hilda appears as the first element in the medieval field names Botildewellewong in Anston, West Yorkshire, and Botildehau in East Yorkshire. It is also possibly the first element in the field name Botilgarth in Fishlake, West Yorkshire. The name is also well-attested in medieval Yorkshire and Lincolnshire documents.

Old Norse Name

Bóthildr, -hilda

Anglicised Name




Ascribed Culture


Viking Names


East_Yorkshire, female_name, Lincolnshire, personal-name, West_Yorkshire

Further information


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