Bushby. Leicestershire

The specific element of Bushby, in the Gartree Hundred of Leicestershire, is likely derived from the Old Norse male personal name Butr. Another Old Norse male personal name, Butsi, could also be formally accepted, and this personal name is found in the Danish place-names Busseby and Busserup.

It has been suggested that the personal name became confused with Old English busc ‘bush’ or Old Norse buskr ‘shrub’, buski ‘shrubland’. This is a possibility because the neighbouring village Thurnby records a former area of thorn-scrub.

The second element of the place-name is Old Norse by ‘a farmstead, a village’, thus Bushby could have the meaning ‘the farmstead of scrubland’

Bushby is now a joint parish with Thurnby.

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