Osgathorpe, Leicestershire

Osgathorpe, in the West Goscote Hundred of Leicestershire, comes from the Old Danish male personal name Āsgot  (Old Norse Ásgautr) and the Old Norse element þorp ‘outlying farm, settlement’.

Some later forms of the name show replacement by the Norman male personal name Angod. 

In the neighbouring Thringstone in Coalville parish the minor forms of  Ossegodishaug and Hosgothawe presumably record the same owner of land.

Old Norse Name

Āsgot (Old Danish) Ásgautr (Old Norse)

Anglicised Name

Osgod or Osgot

Ascribed Culture


Viking Names


male_name, personal-name, place-name

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Image © Ian Calderwood, via Geograph, CC BY-SA 2.0


Barrie Cox, The Place-Names of Leicestershire. Part Seven: West Goscote Hundred and the Leicestershire Parishes of Repton and Gresley. English Place-Name Society Volume XCI (2016), p 163.