Saxby All Saints

Saxby All Saints, Lincolnshire

Saxby All Saints, in the Yarborough Wapentake of Lincolnshire, probably takes its name from the Old Norse and Old Danish male personal name Saksi and the Old Norse element by ‘farmstead, village’. This personal name is very common throughout Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

Alternatively, the first element of the place-name could be a Scandinavian gen. pl. form of an ethnonym: Old English S(e)axe, Old Norse Saksar ‘Saxons’. Thus the place-name would mean ‘Saxons’ farm/settlement’.

The exact implications of such a name are not yet fully understood and are the subject of ongoing work by Dr Jayne Carroll of the Institute for Name-Studies, University of Nottingham.

All Saints was affixed at a later date from the dedication of the church.

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